5 July 2019: Presentation of SQUARE at 69th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting

The SQUARE Flagship project has been presented in the context of quantum research  at the 69 Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting during a boat trip to the island of Mainau.

26 February 2019: First SQUARE Publication online

The first SQUARE publication is online: Alexander Kiilerich and Klaus Molmer present a formalism for the evolution of quantum states of a light pulse after its interaction with a quantum scatterer - a new tool to describe quantum networks. 

Link to publication

18-22 February 2019: Flagship conference Grenoble

EQTC 2019, the first Quantum Flagship conference 18-22 February 2019, gathered around 400 people from academia, industry, policy makers, funders and educators.

All flagship projects were presented, including SQUARE, and several audience discussions on QT, innovation, governance, education, standardization etc took place.

Link to EQTC 2019

November 2018: REI Workshop Geneva

Part of the SQUARE consortium has met at the Rare Earth Ion Worshop in Geneva, with several presentations contributed. Exciting development in the field - Yb:YSO as promising quantum memory, cavity-enhanced single ion readout & control, &much more!

29-30 October 2018: Quantum Flagship Kickoff

On 29-30 October 2018, the launch of the Quantum Flagship took place in the historical site of the Hofburg in Vienna. The initiative was presented, with networking and technical sessions, to help network the different parties, including researchers from academia and industry, educators and decision makers. SQUARE did participate!

Link to Quantum Flagship Homepage

8-9 October 2018: SQUARE Kickoff

On Oct. 8.& 9. 2018, the SQUARE consortium assembled for the Kickoff meeting at KIT. The project goals and fist steps were discussed, and networking between members was initiated to launch the interactions for the project.